'Time Trap' Brings Back the Classic Adventure Film

Grab your backpack and your grappling hook, we’re heading into the caves of Texas to take a look at Time Trap, the new film directed by Mark Dennis and Ben Foster.

We had Mark and Ben on the show last week to talk about the film, and I was able to see it right after. Needless to say, I was NOT disappointed; Time Trap is an immensely fun rollercoaster of a film that brings back the classic insanity of 80s adventure films that most of us grew up on!

The film follows a group of friends as they explore a mysterious cave system following the disappearance of their archaeology professor. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the cave is NOT what it seems to be, and what started as a rescue mission rapidly becomes a frantic race for survival and escape as the group finds themselves under attack by a variety of assailants... and even worse, the environment itself.

Overall, my favorite part of the film is the slow shift in tone as the characters begin to learn more and more about the inner workings of the cave. The film shifts from a jovial, slightly cheesy adventure reminiscent of The Goonies to a frantic, claustrophobic nightmare. In particular, the tone reminds me a lot of the 1997 film Cube, which also feels as though it’s closing in on you the entire time. It’s got a familiar vibe that we’re used to seeing from guys like Spielberg and Lucas, and it’s definitely a TON of fun to see here.

Admittedly, my main concern about the film, and it’s a minor one, is that we never really learn much about the main characters. We have a basic idea of their personalities and their relationships, but the film never goes further than that. But the thing is... it doesn’t have to. This is a high-concept film based around the premise and the adventure of it, and the characters are perfectly good at moving the plot along in a realistic way.

All in all, this film does a fantastic job of bringing to mind classic adventure films while still putting its own spin on things. It gets right to the action early, and doesn’t let up from there. So if you’re looking for an energetic thrill-ride to enjoy with a group of friends, be sure to check out this film on iTunes! It’s one you do NOT want to miss!